Product groups

Our products are environment-friendly, with 100% vegetable origin, no added substances are contained and the products decompose in their entirety.

Our grits are differentiated depending on which part of the corn cob is used for the products and what the grain size is.

The two main product groups are the Feeds and the Grits (GM).

Our Grits products are produced from the woody part of the corn cob that can be characterised as being very hard, with high density and with high absorption ability.

Our Feeds products are produced from the inner spongy part and the parts on the sides and these products are less dense, milder with very high hygroscopic attributes.

The grain size of our products range from 4 mm to the very fine powder.

As a consequence of the above our products can be utilized in a great variety of industrial sectors.


Taking into consideration the requests and transportation / storage capacities of our customers our products can be purchased in the following units:

Polypropylene bag
(weight: 20 kgs)
Paper bag
(weight: 20 kgs)
In big-bags
In bulk (freight trucks with silos or moving platform)